The internet, to me, is one of the largest growing constructions made by mankind. With everyday that passes, this collaboration continues to grow bigger and bigger, resulting in the flow of new ideas, conversations, and experiences. When the internet first came to be I believe it is fair to say that its presence was limited — meaning, in most cases if you didn’t own a computer you had to visit a library or office that had access to these systems. As time has progressed we’ve seen an increase in our ability to reach the internet, but not only search it, but contribute to it on the daily basis. Now, you can easily pull out your phone and type in a quick search, surf for answers, or even post an update, picture, or video within seconds on social media platforms.

The internet is not simply limited to one area of our lives, or one subject that may require extensive research or communication. Instead, it can cover every aspect of our lives and has even become essential in getting the job done — in some cases. More and more each day, the internet is becoming a necessary tool needed in our lives. We use it as a form of communication with loved ones, it’s used in jobs across the country and world, and even as a form of entertainment when our days our over.

I have come to love the internet more and more for many different reasons, but at the same time, as I am growing up, I realize how tricky it can be when discerning true and false information. The internet provides a form of escape from our daily routines and can be an outlet for many who may not have that right in their homes. It can serve as a source of information within seconds, when years ago that very same research would’ve took hours or even days. On the other hand, there are some aspects that can be intimidating. Our ability to alter reality in a sense can be frightening, and not knowing the impact of this power can be even more intimidating. Overall, the internet as a whole has been an aid in developing us as a society and will only become more essential as time moves on.